All Black Dog desserts are crafted from scratch using our cherished family recipes. We are inspired by our passion for dancing and jazz. We choreograph our recipes so our desserts dance across your palate. Below are a few of our favorites, keep in mind that our desserts vary with our artistic inspirations, so please consult with your server for daily specials.

  • Bing Crosby’s Homemade Pie   $6.95
  • Fred Astaire’s Chocolate Cake   $6.95
  • Billie Holiday’s Homemade Ice Cream   $1.95
  • Ginger Rogers’ Lemon Bars   $3.75
  • Martha Graham’s Scones   $3.50
  • Gene Kelly’s Cinnamon Rolls   $3.75
  • Cab Calloway’s Chocolate Chip Cookies   $1.50
  • Miles Davis’ Cookie of the Day   $1.50
  • Vaslav Nijinsky’s Vegan Brownies   $3.95

If there are any discrepancies the printed menu takes precedent over the online menu.