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Carnival Man explores the tribulations of coming of age and the path from being lost to found. The story is set in a logging town in the Northwest, a river town in the post Vietnam era.

It is the story of Emma, a reader of nature, her mother Rosalene, a tarot card reader and seer, and her best friend Kimmy, who can raise the dead with her flute. Three women with extraordinary gifts. A story of loss, love and survival, a story that attempts to answer the question, “If you can see the future can you change it?”

Author Cristie Coffing obtained her degree in English from Central Washington University and is co-founder of The Enigma Rag, a literary journal. She was a 2013 Santa Fe Writers Project Finalist and currently manages The Black Dog Arts Cafe, an arts cafe in a small river town, Snoqualmie, WA.

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